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3 vacation rentals in san jacopo al girone

A Casa Di Olivo
San Jacopo Al Girone
Set just a 10 minute drive from the centre of Florence, B&B A Casa Di Olivo features free Wi Fi throughout and a large f..
6 Persons
3 Rooms

Castello Di Montalbano
San Jacopo Al Girone
Set in the highest point of Montalbano Castle, Castello Di Montalbano offers stone wall rooms with free Wi Fi. Some offe..
18 Persons
9 Rooms

Holiday home Bagno a Ripoli FI 29
San Jacopo Al Girone
Located 9 km from Florence and 48 km from Siena, Holiday home Bagno a Ripoli FI 29 offers accommodation in San Jacopo ..
2 Persons
1 Rooms