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From Japan fan for underarms

The heat, avoid sweating too much is almost impossible. The thing can cause embarrassing situations, both for the bad odors that for the unsightly sweat stains. So far the only solution, and only part of the problem was that of the deodorant. Now from Japan comes a product that precludes a sweat too much: a fan for armpits.

The device, called Waki no Shita Kura (which in Japanese means "below-axillary" cooler) is a small fan that can be clipped to your sleeve. Powered by three batteries, it would be able to operate between 5 and 9 hours, depending on the speed at which it is used. The device weighs just 30 grams, and weighs 60x65x15mm, creating not so big hindrance to the normal movements.

The device would be very silent: surely an important aspect, because if it is true that the sweat stains under the armpits can be embarrassing, probably noisy armpits it would be at least equally.


The latest fashion among the Japanese? Wear diapers

A Japanese magazine published an article devoted to what they call "masculinization" of female culture: lack of attention to the care of the house, rejection of hair removal, and other items. Including ... wear diapers to avoid having to take breaks to use the bathroom at work. 

A girl twenty-five interviewed told to work at a travel agency, and to wear diapers for several months so as not having to get up from your desk to go to the bathroom. 

When run, it simply makes the diaper. She added that though wearing diapers only when the skirt (pants otherwise would make it too obvious presence beneath them), and avoid wearing them when you meet with her boyfriend.

The craze for the job for which they are famous the Japanese would be helping to spread the trend, and would be many stores that are entering in the set of adult diapers. But some say the job would be just an excuse, and would hide rather a form of fetishism.