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The legend of Trolls


In the fairy atmosphere of the enchanting woods of Norway, comes the story of Troll. When the moon is high in the sky, anything can happen, and legend tells that the strange creatures that dwell in Norwegian forest, come out from their hiding places only after dark, to come back in the morning before the sun rises, because the rays solar could make of stones. 

They have funny appearance, vaguely similar to those of humans, long noses and four fingers on each hand and foot.They seems extremely shy nature, tranquility and harmony with nature lovers, are sweet and good-natured, but the legend tells that it better not to have them enemies .. their anger can not have limits when you do not respect them or you do not respect their habitat. 

But are there really? The Norwegians say yes ... although not get any documented sighting, and it seems the kids are the only ones to see them! 

Receive or donate a statue that depicts a troll is a wish for luck and protection, but when a Troll goes into his new home is better than the first night, and until the next evening, is tucked away in a closet to better get accustomed to the new environment. He will be grateful and will protect his new home. Also a single Troll will feel alone: ​​you would be advised to give him the other Troll Company, and a few caresses and whispered a few words affectionate ear make him feel less alone! I will be grateful bringing luck.

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