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Uk, farmer transforms your car in a sheepdog

A farmer in Sussex has turned his car into a sheepdog, but now will have to sell it on eBay. The forty-six-Dave Isaac has spent about two thousand pounds to cover his car (fake) fur, to make it look like his favorite sheepdog, Floss, recently she died. The car's speed is now limited to about 60 km / h, but it seems to be very effective for use on the farm, to control the sheep. 

"I know it's something a bit 'crazy, but it was a tribute to my pastor Floss who died," says the man, "So I got help from a friend and we built self-Floss in my barn, trying to reproduce all the details of my old dog. Sheep are not known for their intelligence, and it seems you have not been aware of the difference and are happy". 

But things did not go too well: in addition to the fact that the car can not be driven on public roads, there is the problem that takes up too much space inside the Isaac farm, and often hinders the work in the barn.