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The house of heidi


The Heidi House is the dream of children of all ages. The white, wooden hut in the Swiss Alps is not only the imaginary place in the novel of 1880 of the Swiss writer Johanna Spyri, the creator of Heidi, and especially shown in the famous Japanese cartoon, seen by millions of children around the world. The grandfather's house where Heidi has grown really exists and is right in Switzerland, Maienfeld in the canton of Grisons, near the border with Austria and Lichtenstein.

The landscape looks like the one shown in the cartoon, with the road that goes from the small village in the valley up to the pasture where is the house of Heidi's grandfather, the whitewashed stone cabin with a sloping roof and timber cladding , the bench resting outside the entrance, where you can sunbathe in good weather, the fir trees behind the house and the nearby pastures. A real dream for the Swiss shepherd lovers.

In Maienfeld was made a veritable theme park, Heididorf, the Village of Heidi, that plays perfectly the buildings and environments where you play the stories of the Swiss shepherdess, her grandfather, the companion of Peter and friend's games Clara, the Frankfurt good family girl who own the mountains of Heidi regains the use of his legs. A fairy tale atmosphere that enchants all.

To reach the hut go along the "path of Heidi", in a journey lasting one hour and a half that will cross the Luva forest. In Heidi's village is also the Johanna Spyri Museum, with panels illustrating the history of the shepherdess and original props Heidi last film, shot in 2015 and these days the movies, and the complete filmography dedicated to the shepherdess from 1910 to today. Further south, on the other hand, in the Engadine, near St. Moritz, is the "Path of Heidi's flowers", lingo two kilometers, which links the funicular Chantrella with an other hut dedicated to Heidi. The trail is named after the 200 varieties of flowers found along the way.