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Fart triggers fire during surgery with laser

A report released recently by Tokyo Medical University Hospital has unearthed an incredible incident, a woman suffered extensive burns due to a fart during a laser surgery

The events date back to April, but were released only a few days ago, after an external expert team concluded the investigation on the incident and concluded that the cause of the fire broke out in the operating room was attributable, in all probability, a fart woman on the operating table.

The patient, a woman of about thirty of which was not made known the name, was undergoing an operation that involved the use of a laser scalpel on his neck, when he escaped intestinal gas that would be ignited by the heat of the laser.

"When the patient's intestinal gas has leaked into the operating room, caught fire due to irradiation of the laser, and the flame has spread, reaching the towel operative causing the fire", explains the expert report. No abnormalities in medical equipment were found and there were no flammable materials in the operating room at the time of the transaction. 

Chances are, however, many hospitals now decide to change the procedures related to operations involving the use of lasers, for example by subjecting patients to diets that prevent the formation of flammable gas.