Glasses that make it visible only to you your mobile screen

It happens to everyone now and then: we're doing something with the phone, replying to a message, or using any app, and maybe there is someone near where the eye falls on our screen, and we would prefer by far that he did his own business . Obviously, the first solution would be to not get to use the phone in places where you can not have privacy, but this is not always possible.

A turkish inventor, Celal Goger, has come up with a radical solution to the total problem of special glasses that make it visible only to you your mobile screen. The idea came to him after he'd been in a situation like the one we described: it was in the tram and took out the phone to answer the email, and he realized that most of the passengers had their eyes on his screen.

Fortunately, Goger is a smartphone expert, having a mobile repair shop since 1999. It is not clear at the moment as functions technically the system developed by the inventor (a chip on the phone is installed, and then using the allegedly slow polarized), but the result is obvious: to a normal look, the phone screen appears completely white, leaving no reveal any information. But wearing the glasses all contents normally appear. There's just a funny side effect: often the inventor feels to ask if you feel well, because staring at a blank screen (and maybe digitarci above) appears undoubtedly strange to those who see the scene.


Against the crisis, Spain removes the ban on advertising for prostitutes

Against the crisis the various countries do everything possible to raise funds. Last month in Spain was eliminated the prohibition for prostitutes to buy advertising space to promote their services.

The immediate goal is to collect taxes directly related to advertising itself, but the goal of the proponents is to legally regulate prostitution, in order to bring out by undeclared income related to it: the idea also it is that legal prostitution reduces the phenomenon of forced prostitution, but that is rather closely linked to that of illegal prostitution, often on the road.

Legalization is not so obvious, however, since the conservative People's Party has announced that it is looking at ways to ensure that this type of ads will return to being banned.


The USB key that destroys your computer

USB Killer is a USB key available on the market, which is capable of destroying in a few seconds any device to which it is connected. The stick uses the current that takes from the USB port to charge a battery and then (about a second later) discharges the energy back in to 240 Volt PC.

As you can imagine, this treatment is fatal in a matter of seconds for most devices.

The USB Killer was first developed last year by a Russian hacker who calls himself Dark Purple, as a demonstration of the vulnerability of the USB standard, which exposes them to risks at high voltages. A couple of weeks ago, though, USB Killer was introduced as a product on the market.