Edinburgh Beltane Fire Festival

Beltane Fire Festival is a modern reinterpretation of an ancient Celtic festival marks the change of seasons. The largest of its kind, started as an event of the local community in 1988 and this year marks the 30th edition to be held on April 30.

It has grown from a small local event to one that today attracts participants to thousands. A celebration of the natural cycle of birth, growth and death, the procession leaves from the National Monument.

The drums beat as the procession, led by the May Queen and the Green Man, makes its way to its destination. Depicting the awakening of May Queen, whose fires chase away the winter, the theater is next door.

Stripped of his winter robe, the Green Man has been reborn as the summer. Loosely translated, Beltane means 'bright fire' and this is what you will see when the bonfire is lit. Drums, theater, fire, glitz - it's a feast for the eyes. 


Monaco Spring Beer Festival

Washed down with extra large doses of beer even the Monaco Spring Beer Festival, where, once the Carnival, opens without delay the season of dark beer used, as many as 300 centuries ago by German monks to support body and mind during the days of Lent . The date is March 9 to 25, will be stapled when the first barrels of drink hops in brewery Paulaner Wirtshaus am Nockherberg, to start small version of Oktoberfest Monaco.

Better elbowing through the crowds that gather in the early days of the show, to assist in the front row at Salvator-Polit-Show, where between jokes and stinging barbs, are ridiculed personages of the political world and not in the area. A little less than twenty days to live again for a while 'the playful atmosphere of the carnival in Monaco.